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    ENAO was established as an autonomous federal government office having its own legal personality.  The mandate of ENAO is to accredit, by formal third-party recognition, the competence of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) to perform specific activities, such as test, calibrations, certifications or inspections.

    As the national accreditation body, ENAO will:

    • supply accreditation services to laboratories (test and calibration), certification bodies and inspection bodies, both domestic and foreign, that operate both within the borders of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and outside its ...

    ENAO will offer accreditation services on a national basis, and international basis when needed, enabling MoST to reach globally accepted Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) on the validity of certificates/reports issued by their Laboratories, Inspection Bodies, Certification Bodies and other related services.

    ENAO’s accreditation of CABs will be achieved through five stages:

    i) Application and document review
    All applications for accreditation will be accompanied by a quality manual detailing the organization’s ability to meet the requirements of ...

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